Ask Me Something!

Alright. Over several years of running this blog, I've come to realize that it's not exactly a conversational space. What I do here is too much about "getting it right," chasing down the last little details. It may be thought-provoking—I hope!—but it just isn't terribly interactive.

But I love conversation! Some of the best theology happens in dialogue—and no good theology happens without it. And I love interacting with other people's work. The blogroll here, that thing on the right that I call "the percolator" because it constantly pops fresh stuff up to the top—I read that stuff, and I wrestle with it. Inclusion does not equate to endorsement.

So: I'd love it if you'd share something interesting with me. I'm always up for reading good work, even if you're not sure it's good yet. Ask me something, show me something, or recommend a blog, or a book, or an article. I guarantee you I'll have a look at it.

You can reach me at ep (dot) eleutheria (at) gmail (dot) com—Galatians 5:13, in case you're wondering. You can also message or friend/follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I also have a Google+ account, which I use sporadically to check in with a theology group.


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